The License to Live Project is dedicated to ensuring that all people with depression have FREE access to information, support and hope!

The License to Live Project is dedicated to making the difficult and serious subject of depression accessible and appealing to a broad audience! 

Our innovative and multi-media educational program offerings are designed to:
  • Emphasize the unique strengths and accomplishments of people living with depression. By advocating for what we call a Hero Model of Depression, we are not only working to change the way depression is viewed and discussed, but we are also helping to fight the stigma of depression that prevents millions of people from getting the care and support they desperately want and need. 
  • Make the serious topic of depression lighter and accessible to a broad audience - and therefore easier to talk about! 
  • Inspire and empower people with depression to live productive, meaningful and extraordinary lives!
  • Encourage each individual to actively participate in his/her own mental health - with a focus on (strength-centered and often free) "lifestyle" treatment options for minimizing symptoms, preventing relapses and increasing overall mental health.