"This work is very important, and should make a real impact on [the treatment of] chronic depression."

     -- Dr. Aaron T. Beck, "Father" of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), speaking about the License to Live Project

license to live

 Ensuring all people with depression have equal access to information, support and hope! 

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With an emphasis on the unique strengths and accomplishments of people living with depression, 

we are working to change the way depression is viewed, discussed and treated.

"If we acknowledge that surviving depression requires a special toughness, we will not see […] depressed people as a broken legion, but as a resource who can teach us all about overcoming adversity."

   -- Jonathan Rottenberg, PhD, Psychology Today

By advocating for what we call a Hero Model of Depression -- a new public educational model that emphasizes the unique strengths and accomplishments of people living with depression -- we are working to FIGHT THE STIGMA OF DEPRESSION that prevents millions of people from getting the care and support they desperately want and need.

We're spreading our message across all media!  For instance, check out our recent article on the Huffington Post!

Help bring depression (and suicide) awareness and prevention to YOUR community or organization. Each presentation is designed to tailor the needs and interests of your group.  Contact Us...

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"Depression is a pervasive problem and it affects everyone. The more people we can have informed about it, the better the world will be."  

   -- Pulitzer-Prize nominated author of The Noonday Demon, Andrew Solomon (in an interview w/L2L Project Founder, Stefanie Glick)

With so many people affected by depression -- (the World Health Organization reports that the leading cause of death and worldwide disability is related to depression) -- it's difficult to believe that depression is still such a difficult thing to talk about. Our programs are designed to stimulate (and change) public discourse about depression and suicide... because we need to talk about it!

This Symposia/Speaker Series brings together various stakeholders, including various leaders in the field. Scheduled for 2017 at the Philadelphia Ethical Society.

Bestselling author Jennifer Michael Hecht launches our ongoing, online P.O.V. column features diverse voices in the field.

stimulating public discourse...

"The [License to Live Project's] work is very important, and should make a real impact on chronic depression."

           -- Dr. Aaron T. Beck, "Father" of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

A new kind of Depression Support Group!   A one-of-a-kind psychosocial educational activities-based intervention that allows people a chance to practice self-care strategies proven to reduce symptoms and relapses within a group of supportive peers.   (A Facilitator's and Activities Guide is currently in development for easy replication.)    Read more...

BEYOND DRUGS & THERAPY:  With three-fifths of the world population (and countless Americans) unable to access the mental health care they want and need, our unique offerings are always open and free to the public, and are designed to educate, inspire and empower people with depression to be active participants in their own depression treatment.

A License to Live: James Bond's Trade Secrets for Outsmarting Depression  is an accessible, informative and entertaining self-help book about the difficult, complex and serious subject of depression - with contributions from renowned leaders and bestselling authors in the mental health field! Currently in development...

Our online site dedicated to living well with depression functions as a global support network, educational platform and broadcasting system. Feaures include a unique blog, discussion forums, video series, podcasts, book club, and more. Currently in development...

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