With an emphasis on the unique strengths and accomplishments of people living with depression, the LICENSE TO LIVE PROJECT is working to change the way depression is viewed, discussed and treated.


With contributions from renowned leaders and bestselling authors in the mental health field!


A License to Live:

Learning to Live Well 

with Depression

Co-faciliatated by a psychologist and the Founder of the License to Live Project in a supportive setting, discover how to integrate our (00)7 tools for managing depression into your life and work. With a light and even humorous approach, talking about depression can be easy in this experiential workshop.


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Dedicated to all the heroes and heroines who - like James Bond - fight off the dark forces of depression with courage, tenacity, humor and style!



The prevailing stigma of depression is that depressed people are weak, feeble and pitiable.  However, with "the hook" of the world-famous -- and notoriously strong and capable -- film hero of James Bond at the center of our educational materials, our program not only makes depression an easier (or less threatening) thing to talk about, but it also helps to challenge the gender stereotypes and myths of depression that prevent so many people from getting the care they desperately need and want. In this sense, our educational materals and community building resources will prove especially appealing -- and helpful -- to:


Who We Serve



MEN, who are significantly less likely to talk about their depression than women, four times more likely to commit suicide than women, and whose rate of suicide (in the U.S.) has increased 38 percent in the last ten years. 



VETERANSwho are killing themselves more than double the rate of the civilian population, which means a U.S. veteran commits suicide every 65 minutes. 






As for many people whose depression is inextricably connected to substance abuse issues, James Bond has attempted to relieve his pain through various compulsive behaviors, such as excessive drinking, and suffers from what mental health professionals refer to as a dual diagnosis.  Psychiatric health and addiction issues should be treated as mutually reinforcing problems that must be addressed together through integrated care.​



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