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WELCOME! (About Our Blog Dedicated to Living Well with Depression... )

Welcome to our one-of-a-kind resource for living well with depression!

With an emphasis on the unique strengths and accomplishments of people living with depression, we are working to change the way depression is viewed, discussed and treated.

Many of the posts you'll find here are inspired by the LICENSE TO LIVE LIFESTYLE STRATEGIES FOR MANAGING DEPRESSION -- our nine self-care (or behavioral and cognitive) strategies that are proven to minimize symptoms and reduce relapses:

1. The Gift of Gab

or, Talking About Depression Can Be Easy, And Will Help Both You & Others

2. What’s “Right” With You

or, Moving Away from “What’s Wrong with You”

3. Don’t MIND If I Do

or, Befriending Our Thoughts and the Benefits of Mindfulness

4. Live Like Lincoln

Who said: ”When I do good, I feel good” (or, Living with A Purpose)

5. MOVE!

or, Get Out of Your Head (and Off Your Screen) and Into Your Body

6. Knowledge Is Power

or, Educate Yourself About Depression

7. Staying Cool, Calm & Collected

or, Identifying and Managing Stress (and Other Triggers)

8. Don’t isolate!

or, the Opposite of Depression is Human Connection (and Know When & How to Get Backup)

9. Do What You Can When You Can

or, Take Realistic Action, Using All Available Self-Care Strategies & Treatment Options

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