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The LICENSE TO LIVE PROJECT is dedicated to ensuring that all people

with depression have equal access to information, support and hope. 

The mental health movement that's making a difference!

The License to Live Project is a public health program that aims to raise public awareness and understanding of depression, and creates innovative solutions for helping people with depression live well. With an emphasis on the unique strengths and accomplishments of people living with depression, we are working to change the way depression is viewed, discussed and treated.    See our Program-At-A-Glance

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Stefanie Glick

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According to the World Health Organization, over 350 million people of all ages are currently affected by major depression, and depression will soon be the 2nd most common health problem in the world.
By the year 2030, the amount of life lost and worldwide disability attributable to depression will soon be greater than any other condition, including cancer, stroke, heart disease, accidents, and war.
Three-quarters of people polled in 35 different countries said they still try to conceal their depression from others for fear of experiencing discrimination.  And because of the stigma of depression, millions of people do not seek the support and care they desperately want and need.
People who are depressed are at high-risk for suicide. Suicide rates have increased 60% in the last 45 years, with one person in the world (ages 10-64) dying from suicide every 40 seconds.

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"Depression is a pervasive problem and it affects everyone. The more people we can have informed about it, the better the world will be."  

   -- Pulitzer-Prize nominated author of The Noonday Demon, Andrew Solomon (in an interview w/L2L Project Founder, Stefanie Glick)

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A one-of-a-kind public health program, the License to Live Project aims to:
  • Raise public awareness and understanding of depression, by stimulating (and changing) the public discourse on depression
  • Advocate for what we call a Hero Model of Depression -- a public educational model that emphasizes the unique strengths and accomplishments of people living with depression -- and thus help to:
  • Fight the (self-)stigma of depression that prevents millions of people from getting the care and support they desperately need
  • Find creative ways to make the serious and difficult topic of depression lighter and less threatening - because we need to talk about it! 
  • Create innovative solutions that empower people to be active participants in their own depression treatment
  • Generate depression (and suicide) prevention through accessible public education